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Push It

Push It

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Very convenient bonniwrap. Satin lined wraps. Each size caters to the size your puff.

Example: If your normal bonnet is a medium, then that means you need a small crowned

If your going to wear a mask, why not wear one that represents you.
Layered cotton mask with elastic band, includes filter

When should I wash my Face Mask?
“Think of a mask as like underwear: It needs to be washed after each use…You don’t take this dirty mask off, put it in your purse and then stick it back on your face…It’s something that once you put on, is potentially either touching your coughs, sneezes or the spray of your speech, or protecting you from the coughs, spray, speech of other people. And now it’s dirty. It needs to basically be either discarded or washed. So if you’re wearing a cloth mask, put it into the laundry basket immediately. It’s a big no-no to pull the mask down to eat a snack, then pull it back up: You’ve just gotten whatever dirty stuff is on the mask on your hands and into your mouth.” This is according to Dr. Daniel Griffin at Columbia University, an expert on infectious diseases speaking with National Public Radio.

Care Instructions

- Wash under the delicate or hand wash cycle 

- Dry under delicate or hang to dry

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